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  • Aligning Big Data with Market Research

    Data are constantly generated by multitudes of systems and processes around us. Every digital process and social media exchange contributes to Big Data. Systems, sensors, and mobile devices transmit data that are compiled as Big Data. These data are used by some to describe and predict human behavior and interactions.

  • For Successful Content Marketing, Focus on Authority Over SEO

    Whether or not search engines continue to evolve and incorporate author credibility as a ranking factor, authority and influencer tools enable brand publishers to have even more control over the quality and credibility of their content. Your goal as a marketing or public relations professional is no longer to have

  • Writers Rejoice! Study shows Google rewards those with more to say

    Content marketers, would you like to know the secret to getting in good with Google’s search engine spiders? Come closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear. . . .   Read the full story at the source: